We Wish Our Family Expands

Vision & Mission

TrustSuvas is a public charitable trust set up by a group of professionals and educationists. It aims at empowering children and women by assisting them in their education and self reliance through economic activities.

Trust SuvasIt is a fact that poor economic condition and ignorance about available opportunities create a vicious circle of poverty. This cycle can only be broken by education. An environment that can sustain education should also be supportive in creating or finding a income generating process for the family unit and educating the children at the same time. This method will wean away children from throes of labor and encourage them towards education and learning while their parents can develop a system of support through the time they complete their training without falling in debt traps and alienating their resources.

TrustSuvas , among other objectives intends to educate and train the children from urban poor and rural background . We shall focus on children who are out of school owing to various compulsions and encourage them to merge with the mainstream of formal education.

Trust SuvasWe plan to achieve this by setting up education centers in the selected slum settlements.

These centres will be headed by a dedicated guide who will gradually nudge the children’s inclination towards literacy and rudimentary learning. The selected students will be educated through formal channels or alternate systems like NIOS.

Our insistance will be on opening up their minds to education & learning and encourage them to take their rightful place in the society. We are willing to partner with the motivated Individuals, organisations and Institutions in our journey towards our goal.

We intend to tackle major impediments like lack of good teachers and appropriate space for teaching these out of school children through internet based communication technology and partnering with education institutions who can allow us to use the spaces for this purpose.

Method of informal education of Target Group of Children
Selection and bunching of children on the basis of mental abilities and existing status of learning Mentoring and guiding these groups relying on the relevant national curriculum to facilitate eventual mainstreaming Managing their eventual admission in the formal schools and supporting them during the transition to mainstream funding the higher education of brilliant student who are selected for professional courses

We shall also invest in training of teachers who can then inculcate inclination towards learning in children who are yet to access formal education channels.

We plan to support these children through the process of mainstreaming and also develop a self sustaining funding mechanism to assist higher education of bright students who are not able to raise education loan for want of collaterals but are still desirous of retaining their dignity and self reliance instead of depending on charity to pursue their career.

We are willing to hold hands till the time such children are finding their rightful place in the society and have the capacity. It is only from their support that we plan to expand the chain through their contribution to support other students in similar circumstances.