Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Does TrustSuvas offers a scholarship?

Ans - No Our assistance is not scholarship but is in form of full/partial funding of tuition fee and has to be repaid so that the money can go to support other students in similar circumstances.

Q - Is there any interest on repayment?

Ans - No But the students are encouraged to pay incremental amount so that our support net gets bigger with time.

Q - When it is to be repaid?

Ans - It is repayable after the candidate gets placement or after six months from the completion of course whichever is earlier.

Q - Who can apply for the assistance?

Ans - We are here to support such bright students, who after clearing entrance test for an Institute of national repute, finds it difficult either to secure admission or continue her/his studies owing to financial hardship. Our funding is available to only those students who are facing financial hardship and are unable to raise education loans from commercial establishments because they have no property or deposits to pledge. We offer education assistance to the extent possible.

Q - Does one have to apply at the beginning of the course?

Ans - Application can be filed up any time.

Q - What is the procedure to apply?

Ans - The downloadable form from our website and mail it to us at ,after getting it certified by the Director of the Institute. And other procedure to apply you can fill online Application form from our website.

Q - What is the procedure to access application form?

Ans - Please visit the website
click on "join us" option on dropdown menubar


  • select option "as students".
  • This section carries all the eligibility and other conditions.
  • There is a downloadable Application form and Online Application Form at the end of the eligibility and other conditions.

The form can be filled up, signed and endorsed by the Institution or students.

We shall be getting in touch with the applicant at given contact details. The details given in the form shall be verified from the Institute and though local verification by the Team of TrustSuvas.

Q - How will the funding reach the applicant once the verification is found in order?

Ans - On selection, the tuition fee will be deposited directly to the Institute after signing agreement for repayment. The incremental repayment will be utilized for funding other students placed in similar circumstances.

Q - How does the Trust arrange the fund?

Ans - Trust is driven by a group of professionals and civil servants who are acquainted with the hardship of a bright student. They have pooled in their own funds to create a corpus. They do not seek donation from the public at large. They intend to make the TrustSuvas a self sustaining mechanism who can support our target students from their self gathered funds.

Q - Can someone contribute to the corpus?

Ans - As we said, we are investing in future of our nation. Anyone can register if she/he is willing to invest in our applicants.

Anyone will qualify to become one of our Investor if she/he fulfills following conditions:


  • The source of contribution/ investment should be from exercise of honest enterprise or profession.
  • Her/his source of Income should not linked to any business or profession that helps disruptive activities in any manner.
  • The investment to TrustSuvas does not consist of money from undeclared/undisclosed sources.


So just like our applicants, our Investors too will be subjected to background checks. Successful candidates will be informed of their selection and their names will appear on our pages.

We shall request them for funding only when we have a suitable applicant available for them.

Q - Why is it necessary to have a background check for the donor?

Ans - It is necessary for us to exercise discretion while opening up to external sources. This is done under belief that exemplary personal conduct and academic performance of our successful applicants can blossom to glory only through uncontaminated nurturing. So in order to keep away funds of doubtful/dubious nature TrustSuvas has laid down certain parameters.

Q - Will the donors be repaid too if they like to?

Ans - Yes, their investments will be returned when such successful candidate contributes back to TrustSuvas. Successful candidates will be informed of their selection and their names will appear on our pages. We shall request them for funding only when we have a suitable applicant available for them.

Q - How can the donors approach TrustSuvas?

Ans - They can fill up tha information on the website following the link

Join Us -> As Investor -> Fill up information in boxes -> Submit

We shall contact on the given e mail address.

Q - What are the information sought from the donor?

Ans - They have to furnish following details.

  • Name
  • PAN
  • Email
  • Contact No
  • Qualification
Present Occupation :


  • Self employed
       Name of enterprise
       Date of incorporation
  • Employed Professionals
     Name of the Employer
     Position in the Organisation