Lets Spread The Sunshine Together

As Investors

Please register if you are willing to invest in our applicants. We shall notify you when we identify an applicant whom we are unable to support from our own limited resources. Your investments will be returned when such successful candidate contributes back to TrustSuvas. It is necessary for us to exercise discretion while opening up to external sources.

This is done under belief that exemplary personal conduct and academic performance of our successful applicants can blossom to glory only through uncontaminated nurturing. So in order to keep away funds of doubtful/dubious nature TrustSuvas has laid down certain parameters.


Anyone will qualify to become one of our Investor if she/he fulfills following conditions:

  • The source of contribution/ investment should be from exercise of honest enterprise or profession.
  • Her/his source of Income should not linked to any business or profession that helps disruptive activities in any manner.
  • The investment to TrustSuvas does not consist of money from undeclared/undisclosed sources.

So just like our applicants, our Investors too will be subjected to background checks. Successful candidates will be informed of their selection and their names will appear on our pages.

We shall request them for funding only when we have a suitable applicant available for them.

Online register by filling up their information as follows :