As Institution & Volunteer Teacher


Educating their out of school children and the school drop outs through open schooling by bringing education at their door step.

TrustSuvas envisages a system of assisting govt run schools for improvement in existing standard  and setting up doorstep classes for out of school children of financially challenged class so that they can pursue their studies through informal/open schooling system.

Bringing them at par  with the public schools and their eventual merger in mainstream education channels for professional and vocational channels remain our final goal.

For setting up virtual classes we shall be partnering with the institutions who feel the need of such aid on one hand and with educated and enlightened individuals on the other hand.

We shall provide the hardware to the institution at easy terms and set up interactive classes with the help of  volunteers who are willing to conduct virtual classes from he comfort of their own surroundings.

Willing and competent individual are requested to share the information regarding their choice of subject and available timeslots.

They will be apprised of the system of conducting virtual classes by our representative. Further upon their consent they will be informed of the timing of the class and they will be introduced to their target classroom.

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